• 3D Lac

    3DLAC fixing spray is the ideal solution for elemination warping at the first layers. The 3D lac provides a firm and durable adhesion of the filament to the printbed. This eleminates the warping of the object at the buildplate. The adhesice force depends on the heated bed temperature used.

  • Avoid warping. Create your own custom temperature controlled 3D printer enclosure with the box3d Electronics Pack. This package contains a PCB board with an LCD screen and buttons to control the board, temperature sensors, a fan that can easily be connected to the board and optional carbon and HEPA filters. The only thing you need to make is the enclosure itself.
  • Become a 3D printing professional in just a mouse click. Your box3d will be shipped fully assembled. Just slide it over your printer, connect the power cable and you are done.
  • All the plastic components 3D printed. The parts can also be 3D printed yourself. Please find the files here.
  • box3d_carbon_filter box3d HEPA Filter Carbon Filter
    Filter the toxic fumes from your 3D printer with this HEPA filter that easily fits the box3d 500 3D printer enclosure. Remove unpleasant smell with the carbon filter. Operating time varies for different plastics that are used in the 3D printer. Let's make 3D printing Safe Now!
  • 3D-printer-enclosure-kit buy 3D printer enclosure

    box3d 500

    From: 450.00
    Stable: The thermal insolation with temperature controller reduces the warping. Safe: The toxic fumes are extracted outside your working area with an elastic air tube. Silent: A sealed door and sound insulation provide you with a silent and comfortable work area.